The Top 5 Softwares Programs for Photo Booth Business

Software programs for photo booth rental business are very necessary to initiate functions and features. There are more than enough software available. You just need to look for the correct application that adapts to your needs and shall have system compatibility.


Breeze Systems

  • Touchscreen enable
  • Live view
  • Green screen shooting
  • Customized prints
  • Animated GIFs
  • Compatible in DSLR Cameras and webcams.

Simple Booth

  • Photos live in galley and guest able to share after the event
  • Green screen shooting
  • Live feed is very exciting and real-time
  • Digital props through face detection technology

Live Booth

  • Ability to choose photo source (Dropbox folder, iPad album and Livebooth direct for Mac apps to synchronize photos)
  • HD photos
  • Watermark for branding and marketing
  • Design for multiple users. Automatically log out the user on Facebook or Twitter for the next person to use the app


  • Digital props –  face tracking software
  • Wired printing – iPad connection to PC through cable instead of the printer via wifi connection
  • Get a physical copy of photos
  • Green screen shooting
  • GIFs
  • Burst or Boomerang
  • Social media share
  • Ability to print to any printer and wireless print server for Windows or Mac laptops.
  • Slideshow on a huge screen and projector via an app for windows
  • Photo filters

Picpic Social

  • Social media share – photos, videos, GIFs & VR to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-mail and text from the party or event
  • Hashtag printing – export photos with hashtags with customized layout

You may get confused about what software programs you need to utilize in your photo booth rental business, ask your colleagues if they know somebody to help you out for the success of your business. There are applications also that allow you to get a demo of their product you may test it for the meantime. For questions contact their customer support to help you get to know more about the application.